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ink and skin

Hi guys !

An exciting thing happened yesterday - I had my first tattoo done ! I wanted it for ages, for at least two years  now and finaly I've decided - it's gonna be now or never. I haven't got a decent photo yet, it's still healing, so I'll just upload a sneak peak I've posted on my Instagram yesterday. It's a thin line on my right foot, nothing too extreme and it took only about 15 to 20 minutes to make it - in that time I managed to facebook chat with my best friend and read an e-book a little bit.
What I do like about it is it's subtlety - it has a meaning, of course, and it is not outrageous and tacky. It almost look like an accesory.

So, yeah, that's the big news for today, I'll keep you posted,



bits and pieces plus pictures from a trip

Previously on LOST @ the hague beach

Hi internet !

It's been ages since I've last posted ! Kind of missed scribling what comes to my head.
I'm doing well, and the spring is finaly here, so there's no need to be unhappy and slack off.
For some time now I've been putting my designs away because I have, as I call it, a real life job now, but as it's spring I find the energy to get more things done. I can't say I'm starting my own label of sorts, but for starters I'm thinking of a logo that would go with my concept and aesthetics.
Quite recently I visited the Netherlands, and I liked it so much I thought I'd want to live there for a little bit. As I love Vilnius so much, I don't know if I'll have the guts to move there but it's tempting: )
Okay, my head is empty for the moment, so I better go before I turn this post into random writings. I'l try to keep you posted more often,
Much love,

Trip to amsterdam



Supermario in amsterdam

@ den haag beach

@ madurodam den haag

Amsterdam at night

Daytime amsterdam 

@ den haag beach

Vegetarian t-rex

Flower girls @ madurodam den haag

Safe and sound an amsterdam


I'm out in the open

I stood there, watched the void before me opening and crying. And so I cried too

Hi internet,

Long time no see.
And I wish I'd say I'm too busy to blog.
Well, actually, I'm not.

I graduated from college, I have no job at the moment. I've no ideas what I want to work, actually. I write blog posts to lithuanian fashion magazine SwO, but that's about it. I also deejayed once and it was quite a success. Last sunday I attended a night picnic with some friends. Apart from these things I have nothing interesting to tell but that's okay because I don't feel myself. I don't feel myself at all.
And the reason to my present self most of the time is a peculiar little fact that we broke up. He and me. Last Easter.
'Predictable' you might say.
And hell, why else one could be numb for several months without actually admitting it, right ?
Well, all those months (almost five, to be precise) we still tried. And turns out, it all kind of failed.
'It's complicated' I say and search myself in music, words, colours, coffee, my increased insomnia, my appetite loss, all the tears, my image in the mirror. I search and can't find. I know where I ought to search, but that's forbidden. Now, at least.
In the mean time, I'm glad I have a friend I can somewhat fill the void with.
Thank you, friend.



Pre-graduation finals

collection photoshoot

Tomorrow's a big day and I'm all panicky.
I also cut off half my hair, so I look like a sumo wrestler when I tie my hair


a break

half of my final BA collection. G. Boguceviciute photo

I haven't been writing in ages now. I don't even miss writing that much anymore.
I don't feel like myself lately. I do what I want, what I like to do and don't push myself to do what I don't like. But still, everything's not fine at all.
"The truth is, I feel beyond sad. I feel empty. Numb." (Elizabeth Scott)

I'm trying to clean my mind and body for quite a while now in order to feel inner peace. My barchelor degree collection is mainly based on minimalism, it is my canvas on which I can start painting my adult life. And hell, I'm trying as hard as I can.

I guess I'm gonna leave this blog again, for months, I hope not a year. That's the biggest luxury of owning a blog - you can write whenever you feel like it, what ever you want. There's no schedule.
I'm still doing youtube videos though, which I like, that little chat to no one and to everyone all at once.

This is where I pause. I promise to come back


scatterd thoughts

Hi guys !

As you might notice there has been quite a change in this blog - I kind of remodeled it today and it might seem..empty. And here's my explanation:

I'm not feeling quite myself lately with all the final year stuff going on and as I call it 'quarter life crisis' .
So I'm trying to clear it all off and starting to clear everything surrounding me - I've got rid of some clothing and accessories, I'm trying to give up sweets and junk food I'm absorbing, I deleted most of my pictures on that social network (you know which one) and just trying to clear off in general.

Thus I'm still making a lot of stuff like making videos on YouTube oh, and I managed to create a Tumblr account on which I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure out HTML programing if it is even called that. So I kind of forgot this blog, but still I'll be blogging when I feel like it and have Tumblr as more of a moodboard.

So yeah, even if I'm trying to clear everything out, I'm nearly failing at it and I guess this desperately scaterred post proves it (why did I even write that ?)
And half of my head hurts - forehead and jaws are aching so badly I want to cry.

byeee, xo xo


DIY day: half hour clutch

Hi !

Today I'm pretty productive so I'm sharing my joy with you by posting an incredibly easy clutch project. But I mean, really, like, it's so simple to make, that I could do one every other day : )

1. So first I've found the faux leather to make the clutch and brought all 'ingredients' that might be neccessary  for this DIY - scissors, pencil, ruler and a zipper of preferred length. Mine was about 39cm.

2. I just drawed two squares of approx. 41 cm in length and 28 cm in width on the other side of the leather and cut them out.

3. Then I sew the two pieces and the zipper together.

4. When I sew the zipper, it was strong enough to make the inside part pop out, so at first I decided to sew it but then I thought it wouldn't look nice

5. So I took a bit of super glue , but not that that glues your fingers instantly during the lesson at school so you can't write the rest of your day, but some sort of 'Power gel' . So yeah, I've glued the popping ends and kind of pressed it so the ends would stick together

6.  And voila ! couple of minutes later you already have a nice clutch.

Though it does not look big, it's actually pretty spacious - I've already stuffed in my sketchbook, two books I've borrowed from the library, my ipod, wallet and my little cosmetics bag and I could still fit few things such as keys and cellphone. A perfect clutch for a casual day when you don't need all the crazy books and laptops and a bunch of other stuff.

Todays soundtrack is 'machine gun' by portishead, I'm listening to it repeatedly for several hours now.
Also, yesterday I've watched this beautifully made film 'Pelican Blood (2009)' It officially makes my TOP films list because of the film itself and because I really like Harry Threadaway's acting. I literally cried about an hour after the filmh ended so pretty and sad the ending was.

Bye bye now gonna go do some stuff (hopefully useful)


The end

Hi guys !

So the giveaway is now ended (yesterday, actually, but I wanted to leave it for this morning) and I already know the winner !
According to the random number generator my earrings are going to number one, http://flavourofirony.blogspot.com , congrats !  I'll contact you soon.

Thank you all for entering and good luck !

Sveiki !
Taigi, šis giveaway pasibaigė (iš tiesų baigėsi vakar, bet norėjau palikti šiam rytui) ir gurkšnodama puodelį kavos jau žinau laimėtoją : )

Pasak atsitiktinių skaičių generatoriaus, auskarėliai naujus namus ras pas numerį 1, komentaruose pažymėtą melancholijos vardu (http://flavourofirony.blogspot.com) Sveikinu : ) su tavimi greitai susisieksiu.

O kitoms dėkoju už sudalyvavimą ir sėkmės !

see you later


Style trick

Hello you all !

This time I come back with a little style detail I use almost everyday.
As I often say, most of the tops looks way better the other way round. Just like this jumper ! But as it has a hanger (why the hell it's even there ?) that pops out I thought 'Oh why don't I hang a clip-on earring on it to make the hanger as an accessory ? So I did and it looks quite good, better that I expected, actually !

Well, why did I picked this jumper in the first place ? Tomorrow I'm planning to explore this new-superb-extra-future-licious library, so I assumed I better dress comfortably, not too fancy. And, as it's not so cold outside anymore, I can drop all the thick sweaters away and dress a bit lighter: )
So mainly what I'll gonna do is to put on skinny blue jeans, basic black tank-top and this grey sporty backwards jumper with a little twist on it

Off I go now,
Bye !

P.S. Don't forget to jump right in the giveaway train here