sorta DIY day

Hi mister Winter

Hi !

Today is freezing outside so I've decided to sew a beenie hat first thing in the morning. There's no tutorial because I basically just took a scrape of jersey, made the seams on the forehead (as I did for my last years' collection) and then sewn the piece together in the U shape. I made the U seam on both sides so the hat wouldn't look like one of those Ancient Rome warriors helmet. And as I take my flatmate's camera every now and then I pictured it with a trick: (that I love)

Ginger Snowwhite is really...

...a brunette Snowwhite with a swan neck...

...and a new cozy hat.

And yesterday I bought a nice knitted jersey. I didn't knew at that moment what I'll need it for, but in the evening I thought of a winter dress, so TA-DAAA:

I've drawn it so I won't forget what I really wanted, and make it exactly that way. Oh, and I just had to hang it on my wall to see it everytime I sit by the desk and sew the dress quicker.

Oh, yeah, I was shopping for fabrick today, too, but I'm just too lazy to shoot it right now and spill the beans on my plans for those fabrics, so maybe some other time.

Bye now
xoxo korinbalerin

secondhand euphoria

Hi !

This time I'll bother you with secondhand stuff I've purchased while tripping in various secondhand shops with a friend : )
So what I've got
*black velour purse in the left corner
*black faux-fur-whatever jacket (though I'm thinking to make a vest out of it)
*light-brown-grey - ish Clarks purse
*'I ---- you' optional )hate)like)love)want)miss)need sweater (niiiiceeee)
*blue jeans (extra nice according to the fact that I've wanted dark blue jeans for a long time)
* brand new brown leather Clarks handmade et cetera et cetera booties that are just wonderful except for the fact that I won't be able walk in these babys until late spring when it's dry and warm outside : )
*blue-white-striped TOMS-wanabes sneakers. I might use them as home shoes-slippers-whatever.

Oh, and about the banshee (the freaky haired lady) image. Originally I've stolen it from google. But only because I sometimes relate her looks and my state of mind. Cause I often feel like I'm some sort of crazy histeric slacker.

Next time I'm coming back with a few sketches. And this time I promise that, because as taking a glimpse to older posts I see a tendency not to post what I've said I'll post



the blogger tag

Hi everyone !

 So apparently I was lucky/interesting enough to be tagged in this tagging game by Fashion Hooligan, thanks a lot by the way !
the rules are pretty simple :
  • every tagged person must write 11facts about himself
  • he/she have to answers 11 questions to the person who tagged him
  • you have to come up with 11 questions of your own..
  • ..and tag 11people with no more that 200 followers
  • Of course you have to tell the blogger that you've tagged him and don't tag the one that tagged you
rules in Lithuanian resides here

so here goes:

facts about me

  1. As not all of you might know, my real name is not Korin, it's Korina. The 'surname' Balerin came from few years ago, when a friend called me korinbalerin. Also, my grams used to call me Korina - ballerina when I was still a little girl.
  2. I fancy chocolate mints, but I can't eat a lot of them. Come to think of it, it might be only type of sweets I can't eat lots of : )
  3. I write the smiley face with a space or two spaces between the : and the ). I think I got it from my boyfriend :  )
  4. I consider myself a pretty lucky girl, because usually things that might have ended up bad for me got well instead, like getting things done in time or getting a ride home or whatever. Or maybe it's my witchie powers ?
  5. I wore my glasses ever since I was in the second grade in school, which makes it about 13-14 years and just recently I changed them to lenses (because the glasses are now broken). Oh, right, just at this moment I'm wearing no glasses and no lenses because one my eyes is really red-ish , and I hope it's not an infection. So anyway, if you sense someone walking right in to you in a street or a shop it's either a drunk or it's me.
  6. Taking a short glance to upper facts, I remembered that I could never say or write my thoughts in just one sentence. I have to ALWAYS.MAKE.IT.BIG ; D
  7. Along those years I've learned to eat various food with calm face. Although there are few products I could vomit while eating and it's - mushrooms (slimy. ewwwwwww), herring - I've only tried once in my great grandmas-funeral, and most of all other fish. I make only exceptions to tuna and salmon
  8. I can't stand touching raw meat with my hands. Just like that
  9. Once I was a vegetarian for about two years. My mom and everyone thought I was just making jokes of it but my body strangely didn't need it.
  10. I'm at this point of my life where I'm absolutely confused at everything I do. And that makes me feel sad.
  11. I was once married. Like, when I was 5 or 6 years old and we were just playing nonsenses. Still, it haunts me with shame. HOW THAT'S FOR A FACT  ? : D

Now, Q&A with Fashion Hooligan

1. The biggest dream? To find peace at my own mind. Then all my other dreams will begin to come true
2. Do you have a song, that means a lot for you? All songs in my playlist means something too me, but none as far as I can recall means that much to be the first to pop in my head
3. Mango or Zara? Why? Honestly, I don't know. I rather sew my own
4. Why do you started blogging? I don't remember how I got the blogger account, but I had it for a while and then I just posted a picture with a date. Just to remember that special day and it's kind of safer to keep it on the internet because not later after that my computer shut down with lots of pictures and stuff. And that was that.
5. Three people you couldn't live without ? I hate these kind of questions ! Can I just skip it ?
6. What do you think about career in fashion industry? It's risky, it's hard to achieve good results and can take all you have. And I'm not saying this just from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada"
7. Your favorite century and decade?
I like last century. I adore sixties the most although there's a fair space for the last decade of the 20th century.
8. Who inspires you? One of my best friends, Kaste, who is always positive of what she does and has the determination and stamina to do things best. She's amazing in her life and I just simply love her.
9. 5 TOP bloggers? I really like what they call me red head , the way it tastes , fabulous doodles , the fashion pixels  and it will never be enough posts.
10. Biggest fear? I'm really really scared of  jumping into water, even if it's not from a high height
11. With which celebrity would you want to drink coffe and chat?  At this moment, I'd really love to bump in to Evan Peters from American Horror Story

My questions
  1. If you were a song, what song would you be ?
  2. What do you do in your life ?
  3. What is a must in your handbag ?
  4. Who of all people (dead or alive) would you want to meet ? Why ?
  5. What books do you like (if you read any) ?
  6. What is your strangest habit ?
  7. If you get a billion what would you do ?
  8. A place that you've never been to but you feel desire to go there is...
  9. What profession did you wanted to have as a child ?
  10. Do you drive a car ? Why ? (Either way)
  11. What in your opinion is the strangest invented device ever that anyone wouldn't die without ?
I'm tagging

Pheeeew, took me two days (mostly because of my temporary eyesight loss)
but I'm still happy
bye now, korin


a philosophic one

this one's called 'fashion agony' as one of my specialty drawing tasks

A thought just came across my mind today as I was doing stuff. Why do I blog ? Why should I blog when I have a few really great friends with who I feel good and talk senses and nonsenses ?
I think it's because just the way it's easier to give a speech to an auditory the same thing goes on blogging - you don't know the people you're writing to, you don't know if they like you or hate you or why they even bother to read your silly writings. And mostly you don't give a crap. But if you asked my friends 'does she blog' they wouldn't even know it. So this is sorta my secret !

Another thing about blogging is - should I write it as a text or should I try to interact with people like asking their opinions on one thing or another in order to keep the most human contact I could on the internet. That's the question I bother my head with really heavily so I guess I'll try do both, so I wouldn't turn to a stranger to my friends but have new unknown friends.

So, the first step, show up if you care enough to comment and spill the beans on why and how do you blog ?

Answers can be either english/lithuanian


bunch of stuff

Hi hi hi !

Sorry for not posting for like forever, but I had so much work to do, because my exams approached me WAY TOO SOON, so I had to do everything head-over-heels. But I managed. And I'm proud of myself.
So I've finished the coat I was sewing (did I mentioned a coat before? I don't remember) and the constructing teacher said I've done well. So practically she's the one that means a lot to me in the college, because I'm still stick on an idea that you can hardly judge art when mainly it depends on if you like it or not. Of course, I'm not talking about the technical side of it, but about creations in general.
So there, I'm sharing the coat project with you (although in the photo project the coat might be the least you see:  ) )

Oh, of course,  I had to be the designer and the model because, well, it was made for me according to my body, so don't be repelled by my non-model shapes anorexy lovers:  >*

Oh, and of course, I forgot what I might wanted to write more. But if I do remember, I'll post it later on

xo xo



Hi hi hi !

Yep, that's me again with some pretty old waste-of-time photoshop project. A good make up idea for Halloween though. Like here
Tate Langdon for American horror story season one
Or, you could always do like Rick Genest a.k.a Zombie Boy and tattoo all of this on your body

I'm angry today. I'm so angry I could bite or kick someone. I'm angry because of my messed up state of mind, because of the snow and the cold. And it made me even angrier when I saw that new episode of Gossip girl didn't show up last night. Darn those stupid hurricanes.

The only thing that makes me at least a bit happier is that tomorrow is Halloween and I'm going to meet my mum and sister and all my so-called-friends.

all my (not so) best



Hi'ya boys and girls !

are you already polishing your dancing shoes for Halloween ?
Cuz I am. For real. There's this big ball that would be held at my home town and the theme is vampires. So no, I'm not going to look as a vampire Edie Sedgwick, the photo is just something I'd like to share with you: )
Let my bloodsucker clothing remain a secret until after Halloween: )

I can also proudly say now that I started to really work on my college projects and that's just great - I'm making a concept for second and third collections for my final bachelor collection and so on and so on. Photos are not included because, well, I suck not having a camera, but I am buying one next week perhaps ! So that's a good thing too.

One more thing I kind of feel strange about but still want to share is the fact that ever since I can remember I'm so into gas masks. I just strangely adore them but only those old ones. So my wallpaper now looks like this

So that's that


the new-new-news

Oh, hiya everyone !

How was your day ?
I sure hope it was at least half as nice as mine ! Because it was warm and sunny outside and the lessons were sweet (experimental design, to which I was prepared, surprisingly, and make up basics) and the best-est thing was this : my dad bought me a new laptop ! How cool is that ??!
I say - very cool: ) I'm so happy I could pee my pants if I just wanted to pee !

So my dad's officially the greatest now in addition to other titles he has: )

But just the one sad thing is, he's going away to Afghanistan. I've never told you this, but my dad's a soldier, a sergeant to be accurate, and he goes on these peace missions. This is his third and last mission, as he's is almost too old for army (though he's just 41). I feel a little bit sad not to see him the next six months. Okay okay, I admit - thinking about this now even makes my eyes wet.
So that's about my good "old" dad.

(five minutes after)
Yeah, and I guess this might be it for today
night !


the craze of the crazy

Hi'ya guys !

So there I am, painting my nails black for tomorrow.
What's tomorrow you may ask ? Oh, nothing too special JUST A SHOOT OF MY MOST RECENT MODEL:  )(in a three-sec sketch at the top)
I've finished that model like twenty minutes ago, and started doing it Monday not to mention loads of work I was doing in between. Cuz, yea, like, this week is crazy -est- in my entire fifth semester so far. The amount of work is huge because of my procrastination(recently learned word).
but well, here I am, still typing: ) although I haven't had much sleep last night - I was sewing and then cutting and then drawing and then sewing some more and there I was, at three a.m. thinking "ohhh, let's get some sleep now" BUT THEN, I've realized I still had to study for my advertisement psychology. So I've read the 736 pages of a psychology book (not everything, of course, just the summaries) in about an hour or so and then I've finally got some sleep. For like four hours !

But that's the price you pay for postponing really important works.

So this is kind of a little sneak peek. Pics of the shoot will be some days later
Ciao !


DIY sort of thing

Oh hi everybody !

So last night I was fixing patterns for Elizabeth's baptism dress according to those arrows and not-so-clear-any-more writings of mine on the first sample: )

So I fixed what I needed and then remembered I've made a sleeve that looks like that:
(Isn't it's the smallest and sweetest sleeve you've aver seen ? Awww:  ) )

So, as previously talked with a teacher about the subject, I've decided to make a pattern for a kimono sleeve, because it would be much easier to GET THE BABY INTO THE DRESS. So basically I've just drawn the trapeze form and that's that.

Oh, meanwhile taking photos of all these steps I also captured Mr. Moustache Pencil and Mr. Some Sort of Jack Daniel's Birthday Advertisement that my friend had stolen from a Liquor Store just chilling out there on a sunny Korin bedding beach:

 So, the job was done and I'm really proud of showing you the patterns (At least THE BEST I could do with a 50mm lens, which drives me crazy). Sure, there's still few parts missing for a little hood, because basically what I'm doing here is an underneath dress from double ivory/bubble gum pink chiffon  and an ivory asymmetrical coat with a hood. Oh, and also a "baptism cloth" that will be only a square cloth.

the left sleeve is the first sleeve, not the one I'm doing now which is on the right

Ah, yes, and another DIY thing is my old cellphone screen (well, all cell to be exact) that I've crushed and it painted itself in these nice colors.

 Bye bye now !


I'm al-most o-kay !

Oh hi everyone and everything !

I'm almost okay and I can go to the college already. Well, I would normally stayed home until I'm back to not-ill-self but there's a really important lecture today, so at least I'm going to attend that one.

So to celebrate this joyful event I even put this nice sunny picture of me and my friend Santa (yep, that's her name) which came to visit her family here in Lithuania and on her last day she came to Vilnius and we did some photos. And then, five in the morning she fled back to Netherlands: )

And so I'm flying (taking a bus actually) to college now. BYEEEEE !
xoxo korinbalerin


the big difference day

Hi everyone !

So I am still sick, halftime sleeping everything off, halfway just staring at the laptop so, basically doing NOTHING and pissed at myself for that. But, of course, I try to convince myself "no no nooo, you ain't gonna do things while you're ill young lady " and stuff like that. But today I hope things would change, because I've sworn to myself (I've sworn myself too:  ) ) I'll do at least the tinyest homework stuff I need to do. So, yeah,
still sitting in my bed trying to lift my hand to do something and it's already three o'clock and I didn't do anything. Well, almost anything: I almost got myself in to DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles live show here in Vilnius. I still don't know if I'm going yet.
okay, the remorse hour is over.
Also, one more thing that I've done is that I've changed my header and, uhm, footer (is that thing even called like that?) to brand new pics

But anyway, what I'm really determined to do is to finish up my patterns for the coat I'm making for this stupid India-related contest, that absolutely no one even knows when it's going to take place.
Well, okay, actually, I love coats and I love my soon-to-be coat and I love my teacher that teaches us how to construct properly.

And one more thing I need to do for today is tam tam TAAAAM (I don't know if this note is even correct for such sound) - draw like a billion sketches for my collection. HAHA. (well actually I don't see anything funny in it)

And in the mean time, while I'm still eager to do stuff, I say goodbye to you all

oh, and for the record, I'm not smoking in the picture, it's just a stick or ex-sketch that I had that moment. The only thing I'm smoking maybe is smoking hot. HAHA


Todays inspiration: white sweater

Hi everyone !

Today I'm pretty ill (though not as much as previous days), and the best (ahh, that sweet sarcasm) thing is, today I'm going to meet my little customer, Elizabeth (pretty sure I've said few words about her in here ) to do the fitting. I might put some pics of the dress later on.
So today I woke up and though that it was a nice day to put on my white MEXX sweater that I've purchased in a second hand store yesterday. I mean, it's like in size of L, and it's pretty much two to three sizes bigger than I am, but still it's cozy and really nice. So mainly it inspires my whole outfit - comfy, warm a bit sporty but not too much - just the right thing when you are ill and want to be less miserable.

Uh oh, gotta run now, because my little Elizabeth is waiting




This is how I look...
...and this is how I pretty much feel
Hi everybody !

Did you missed me ?

Well anyway, I don't just feel like blogging lately. And by lately I mean since the summer started. The fact is, I don't feel myself anymore and that just drives me crazy. CRAZY.
And, of course, in addition to that there are also those days when I feel extra bad and extra mad. Like yesterday I felt like the saddest, most invisible girl in a world. So I just dragged out black jeans, black basic blouse and some black ankle high sneaker out of my wardrobe. Oh, and also, I've broken my phone last night. Like my friend said : "You mean, the phone isn't working after you've thrown it to a wall ?" Well, and I had no other option just to say "yep, just like that".
And so today I'm even more dusty. I woke up without a ringer, like three hours ago and I still can't win over myself to get to a shower or whatever else. I just drink coffee and water and then coffee again, oh, and listen to weekend wolves soundcloud wearing some old what-ever-looking clothing.
But, well, to my defence I could say, that madness makes me do homework or other stuff, because right now I was making a pattern for tiny girl's baptism dress.

Oh, great, watching at the time suddenly I remembered I need to pick up my friend who is coming to visit me here in Vilnius.
So I bet I get my ass running if I want to get to a station in time.

Bye guys, and I promise this is not the last you've heard from me !


back on LB (again)

back with nothing too original, just some collection pics


school year - part three

Hey you all my fellows !

how did these new schoolyear started ?
Mine was great, because I've been with those people that I like to be PLUS I've met the girl on my left(in the picture) that was on Erasmus studying and then practice program in Sweden and Denmark.So we and my other best-ie was all together at one of our place drinking mimosas and talking our voices off and just chilling.
But today was so so so hard because we already had loads of new information and plans and all I though I'd be crazy person in just one day. Besides, our school received a Portugal girl which is on Erasmus program, and, of course, me and my friend are mentors to this girl. So, the main point is, we drove to the airport to pick her up, waited there about two hours and then we found out that the flight was cancelled or whatever, so grumpy as we were, we went back home to do some homework and stuff.

so, that's that
bye now


job quitting- DIY day

Hi folks !

Do you want to know what happens when one quit her job ? She starts to sew, thanks God !
And I even have few pics of how did I did this.

 At first I took a photo of me and made it a stencil.

Then I drew it on a sheet o' paper and cut it out.

After that I put the stencil on the material, and tapped the textile paint with a sponge.

After that was the 'operation: ironing', where I ironed the picture quite a while (about 5-7minutes)


Then I started to make the blouse. So I cut the fabric in whatever shape and almost started to cut and sew the sleeves, (which was by the way really easy - just cut the fabric by approx. 30cm at the top of the sleeve and 16cm at the end near the wrist) but unfortunately I figured out I had cut through the print !

 After like five minutes of thinking I thought 'why don't I overlock it?' So I did. Of course, the result wasn't a good as new, but hey, it wasn't torn anymore !
 So I did the sleeves, and sewn them to the blouse.

By the way, I have one interesting detail to share. When I do the sleeves, I always do the left sleeve with the seams on top and bottom, and as for the right sleeve, I do only one seam on bottom. It started irrationally and now it's getting rational, as a signature.
Then I put the print under the fabric and sewn the two pieces together.

Et voila !


work work go away !

Hiy'a boys and girls !

How's summer wibbin' for you ?

I can honestly say that I didn't have a single day of holiday this summer, because of work work work. Even partying wasn't so holiday-ish, because of the fact that tomorrow I'll haver to be at work again. So I'm quitting this sunday, to have few calm weeks through whitch I can relax to the maximum: )

STILL can't brag about being the greatest summer-sewer, and it pisses me off madly, because I barely done a thing in a whole summer:  |

okay, I go off now, to work of course,
bye bye y'all


until wee meet again

Hi !

I'm back again, for like, five seconds and then I go again do stuff.

Just wanted to say that today is my b-day and I always feel like shit on my birthday, as I didn't deserve to have one.

But despite that everything's going fine, the weather is sweet, I'm off work today and first half of tomorrow, the coffee pot smiles at me and whispers 'drink me'. I just like to have one more thing - cigarettes - and all would be well to max.

So that's that


hi mermaid

Hi everyone !

It's about FOREVER since I last blogged. And I have a lame ass excuse for that - I'm a working woman. But the actual thing is, that I'd have nothing else to post about except for work. And that's kind of sad.

And yeah, work's been good, not too hard, not too easy also. But now I'm working for a whole month and the sad thing is that I haven't been sewing, I haven't been modelling or draping whatsoever.
So that's sucks, but hey, it's not like I'm sitting on the couch reading VOGUE all day, is it?  :  ))

Today is my day off and I'm meeting a new friend, well go photoshoot stuff. Actually, I'm going and he's coming with me to 'learn' from me, because he thinks it's a good thing to see how others do it and learn new techniques, points of view and all. Oh yeah, he's more of a filmmaker, so that's his excuse:  )

and one more nice thing is that today I have helped a guy, a french guy, to go to the highway he was ment to (at least I've put him in to the right bus), so I may have gotten a new relation. He's hitchhiking to Riga, Latvia, then to Russia, then to Kazakhstan and Mongolia and right up till the China (as I understood), so I really look forward to hear from him someday, how did he managed to go through all the rough countries:  )

So, that's it for today, and maybe a week more:  >