grumpin around

the perfect grumpy evening song for a tired grump queen

rainy day for a change

Hello, ladies and gentlemen,

Yesterday I've won against my laziness and made the patterns for my pants, then cut them of fabric and stitched them together. There's still some things I need to fix, things like narrow the legs and the ends of the pants, make the folds and pockets and sew the zippers, but I'm chasing my normal speed and that's just really good.
Anyway, today is just awfully raining, glad I have my wonderful rainboots and my nice umbrella that saves me from getting me and my feet wet until I get to school where I'd be making as I call my showstopper dress that I wouldn't share just yet: )

bye now,
me and my coffee pot wishes you a great day


Wish I wouldn't be lazy. Agh, forget it

Today I got up with a sick feeling in my stomach, so I decided to stay home, in case there is a "stomach emergency". So there I am, sitting at my room, drinking buckets of water and trying to convince myself to get up and do something, though I'm thinking how my pants pattern should be made and what can I do for tomorrows drawing lesson and all.

 So bye now,
Going to make myself work,



The sun gone mad shining to my face this morning so I got up already smiling. I just love to feel the sun on my skin: )
So today I have a bunch of things to do - I have to finish the dress I've been making last two days, I have to draw some pictures, stitch the sleeves to the jacket we're making at the college (and it's a tough job), think more about the collection and sketchbook I'm developing, oh, and live a life which is to smile and breathe and eat something (I made coffee already) and sleep and dream: )

Oh, and I just love this song

bye now,
have a sunny day


Without hers love and/for shoes she has nothing left to loose

I have a little secret. Actually, it's not a secret at all. I have two loves in my life (three if we count fashion design) - one, my dearest and best-of-all boyfriend, Dominykas (which I sometimes call Dom, my man or bambarushka) and the second - shoes. Yes, when I see nice shoes I can just stand there window shopping forever or frantically follow the legs that are in those shoes: )
Oh, and right at the moment I'm waiting for new shoes to arrive at my place. I bought a copy of Jeffrey Campbells zup booties that I love so so so much but can't spend that much money for them. I saw the shoes half a year ago and I dream about them since then. Well, maybe one day I will buy the originals, but at this point, I'm happy to have "other version" of zup: ) When I get the shoes I will make some photos of it and share my happiness.


DIY day: jersey leftover pt. II. Result

So today I finished sewing the blouse and it fits nicely and I'm very happy with it: )


DIY day: jersey leftover pt.I

A whole lot can be done out of little pieces of fabric leftover. Sometimes it even turns out really good. So today, while tidying my stuff up, I've noticed I have a hell of a lot jersey scraps, that can't be used to sew nothing alone. BUT, if I put them all together...: ) So, I threw the mop away and there I was, sorting the jersey out, then trying one color with another etc. Here's how I succeeded.

So first of all, as always, I took everything I need and put besides me (I don't feel good when I have to wander around my room, searching for stuff when I'm working)

Then I drawn the cutting lines (I used the patterns from the last year)

Then I cut the fabric (back part)

Then I took other jerseys and put them on the pack part of blouse-to-be. I marked where the scraps should be stitched and sewn together and to the back part...

...and then I cut them to be the same shape as the back part(except the neckline - I made it bigger). Then I stitched the blue, green and black part together.

And finally, I cut out the sleeves. By the way, one sleeve will have one seam, and the other - two, because I had three pieces of black jersey - one was enough for one sleeve and the others were too small, so I'll just join them.

Now I have only to take it to school and sew it with overlock machine that I unfortunately don't have. When it will be finished, I will shoot it and put the picture here: )

bye now,

I remembered the future

Do you remember/know 'london electricity - I remember the future.mp3' ?
I remembered it somehow after watching this good old video of CHLOE s/s 2012 show. I guess it's because this summer didn't happened yet, but I kinda remembered it: )

Bye now,
deep admirer of Chloe,

new series to sink in

Wandering around VOGUE on youtube I found this video. It made me smile. And I think I will add one more TV show to my watchlist: )

Season Premiere - April 15 at 10:30pm on HBO


DIY day: leather+chains

Today I made nice necklace. I used a little leather scrap I found in my "vault of leather" : >>, approximately two meters of chain I bough the other day, two pieces to hook up the necklace, universal moment glue, pocket knife, scissors, ruler, promarker and black thread with a needle.

So, first of, I took everything I needed.

Then I cut the leather to a strap

Then I cut the ends of a strap to make a triangular end.

Then I glued one third of strap using moment glue (and even managed not to glue my fingers: )) and stitched the chain with closures on it to the strap.

Then I glued the other part of leather strap that I left earlier and stitched the chain to the strap at the back side of the strap (I stitched the whole chain thing to the top of that part I've glued second time: ))

When I did what I did earlier I glued the strap a little more because it went off a little bit during the stitching process and, for the final touch I've drawn my sign with metallic promarker(on the right side of the necklace).

And that's all folks

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality of pics, I don't have normal camera at this moment


I guess it's my youtubing day

I also love these videos ! It seems so simple when they do it and one can do incredible clothes using the tips. One day, I promise, I will do something of my own, borrowing the techniques


I remembered this video still laying in my bed and just couldn't not to share it! Although it's pretty old (2007), but it can deeply inspire any visual artist.
Hope you like it !


Right to God's ear

Just yesterday Stefany Strange said "Have a wonderful day, darling!", so I had - I had two wonderful cups of coffee, bussiness exam went very normally and quite easy, I paid rent and my landlord gave me back some money to buy something nice for the flat me and my flatmate live in, AND I've drawn the first model for the fashion history and I look forward to show it to my drawing teacher and history teacher, who, hopefully not for long, got sick today. I still don't know if I'm going the right direction with the task and the dress could and should be better but I'm really happy I made something rather that just sitting comfy in the bed picking nose: D
so bye now, off I go to read a fine evening book !


Pretending to study for business exam

Today, at school library (how oldschoolish of me: D) I've chosen pictures for my next task at fashion history lecture which is to make my own haute couture variation of famous designers work.
I've chosen Andy Warhol's 'campbells soup' dress from mid sixties, that I love and actually saw the dress with my own eyes and wanted to steal from the exhibition where the dress was. Then I picked one of Madeleine Vionnet's dresses, that could look interesting if I use the wavy pattern or print. Then my eye caught one of Rabanne's artwork that I deeply adore and finally I decided to stick up with Rudi's Gernreich's monokini that I'll try to mix up with a tricot made by the same designer.

So I came back home, sat to my neat little table that me and my boyfriend made last weekend and I started to draw 'babes' who should 'wear' the dresses. As I'm not an ideal drawer, I was very happy with the result,,
until I've realized I still need to study for my business management exam that I hate and it stinks.
So bye now, I take my notebook and off I go to gruesome planet of business management !

oh, and I love this song now, it suits me at the moment

what is a must-have in my bag

I always loved those pages in magazines where people showed what they have in their handbags. It's interesting so see some irrelevant stuff they have like, an old stamp or last years cut out from a magazine or what ever. So, I'm curious myself what do I put to my handbag today: >


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I like doing various 'workshoppy' things, especially when I get some nice result: >

The last painting I did with watercolour, not with letraset promarkers though.


So, after a long, looong week-end the new week starts, full of surprises, I guess. First of, business management exam that I forgot about, so I might need to study a little bit (this subject is one of my notfavourite ones).
New projects will start even today, as far as I remember we will have to choose four famous designer ensembles or garments and draw our own haute couture garment out of them, so it might be challenging, I could put photographs of how I'm doing to my blog: )


so colorful be it (strange fashion)

I'm not the kind of color mode person, I like to keep it simple, add a touch of color. I admire blacks, greys, whites (although not that much), blues sometimes. Others are just spices to make the ensemble happier. But after I saw Comme des Garçons collection for fall 2012 on VOGUE I felt sad. Not that colors let me down or something, but it was the garments that, in my eyes, fails to be called actual garments.
I mean, I know, there is experimental fashion and normal fashion, and the fashion you let to walk on runway, but I've never heard of you-first-cut-me-out-of-material-and-just-then-wear-me fashion, not since the childhood, when I used to play with paper dolls.
I might be a little conservative on this one but I don't like huge garment bags that pretends to be some sort of clothing that I can't even see through it's gruesomeness.

have a nice day though !


which shoes do I choose

Isn't that a daily dillema for all of us ? I mean, it is really tough for me to choose what do I dress every day. Few months ago there were a period when I used to dress and redress three to five times every morning until I've picked the right ensemble. I know, I know, it's a bit maniacal and sounds crazy, but that's how it was.
I remember once, me and one of my friends had to meet for coffee. He lives about twenty five minutes away from me. So I've said "okay, I'll go to you and you go to me and then we meet"
And that was how he did. Of course, something wasn't right for me with my clothes and all and when he called and asked where the hell I was, because he is standing right by my doorstep, I've realized I was picking between two pair of shoes for about twenty minutes !
Actually, I don't like to get very preppy but sometimes it happens no matter what I want: )
And so it is for everyone I reckon


armful of grades

Today we had an audition ! Which was interesting and a little bit of tiring. So I woke up at six a.m. in the mornig, made some preparations and went to school, where we exposed our work and me and my friend went somewhere to eat sushi,that was just YUMMY. Then we stopped by three second hand shops where we bought some really cool stuff like this teeshirt thing higher and came back to school. The teachers said their marks, which was, actually, quite good. I've got B's and A minuses. So that's that and I'm facing the long week-end with my future husband coming to visit: >
bye for now,


don't mumble, grandma

it's like only 8 in the morning SUNDAY, when all normal students rests, but noooo, not me. So I woke up like an hour ago, caught up with this crazy impulse for doing good things and jumped out of bed.
I feel like an adult WERYMUCHSO right now. Like a really old adult, that wakes up in the morning before everyone, does the dishes, makes breakfast (not just a simple sandwich, but something like omelet or pancakes or whatever their family is eating in the morning), sometimes they even has time to pick weeds in the garden, and ONLY THEN they find their family up.
Oh, and I mumble like an elder.
So, back to work (which is finish my coffee and do some stupid crafty things for experimental crafts lesson).


chase the twenties

hah, I also found this photo in my usb stick. The jewelry I made was for my 'two pieces' collection that we had to do last semester for accesories design.
To make this I used alluminum, chains and my boyfriend: ) It was fun making the pieces though.


today, surfing through my sketchbook, I found a cover I made FOR my sketchbook like three weeks ago. It's kinda lovely, BUT it won't go with my collection. I mean, the tipage is all wrong, but I'm gonna keep it: )


hi again, new news

I keep remembering and forgetting again about this blog. I suppose I don't get to call it mine, because I kind of abandoned it.
Well, but this is me, writing again (impossible to believe, huh?).

I'm halfway done studying now, and sure as a hell looking forward to next year and a half.
Right at the moment I'm occupied creating experimental fashion collection, so I hope to launch it here and on my lookbook, once it's done. I'm still at this messy-sketching-draping-sewing-sketching again point, but I'm okay with it.

We are having auditions next wednesday, when teachers will be all-so-fancy and cold-hearted and probably will write bad marks, but I don't care, I never did, actually. Just face it, swallow it and move on. That's my philosophy.

So be it then.