job quitting- DIY day

Hi folks !

Do you want to know what happens when one quit her job ? She starts to sew, thanks God !
And I even have few pics of how did I did this.

 At first I took a photo of me and made it a stencil.

Then I drew it on a sheet o' paper and cut it out.

After that I put the stencil on the material, and tapped the textile paint with a sponge.

After that was the 'operation: ironing', where I ironed the picture quite a while (about 5-7minutes)


Then I started to make the blouse. So I cut the fabric in whatever shape and almost started to cut and sew the sleeves, (which was by the way really easy - just cut the fabric by approx. 30cm at the top of the sleeve and 16cm at the end near the wrist) but unfortunately I figured out I had cut through the print !

 After like five minutes of thinking I thought 'why don't I overlock it?' So I did. Of course, the result wasn't a good as new, but hey, it wasn't torn anymore !
 So I did the sleeves, and sewn them to the blouse.

By the way, I have one interesting detail to share. When I do the sleeves, I always do the left sleeve with the seams on top and bottom, and as for the right sleeve, I do only one seam on bottom. It started irrationally and now it's getting rational, as a signature.
Then I put the print under the fabric and sewn the two pieces together.

Et voila !


work work go away !

Hiy'a boys and girls !

How's summer wibbin' for you ?

I can honestly say that I didn't have a single day of holiday this summer, because of work work work. Even partying wasn't so holiday-ish, because of the fact that tomorrow I'll haver to be at work again. So I'm quitting this sunday, to have few calm weeks through whitch I can relax to the maximum: )

STILL can't brag about being the greatest summer-sewer, and it pisses me off madly, because I barely done a thing in a whole summer:  |

okay, I go off now, to work of course,
bye bye y'all