Hi hi hi !

Yep, that's me again with some pretty old waste-of-time photoshop project. A good make up idea for Halloween though. Like here
Tate Langdon for American horror story season one
Or, you could always do like Rick Genest a.k.a Zombie Boy and tattoo all of this on your body

I'm angry today. I'm so angry I could bite or kick someone. I'm angry because of my messed up state of mind, because of the snow and the cold. And it made me even angrier when I saw that new episode of Gossip girl didn't show up last night. Darn those stupid hurricanes.

The only thing that makes me at least a bit happier is that tomorrow is Halloween and I'm going to meet my mum and sister and all my so-called-friends.

all my (not so) best



Hi'ya boys and girls !

are you already polishing your dancing shoes for Halloween ?
Cuz I am. For real. There's this big ball that would be held at my home town and the theme is vampires. So no, I'm not going to look as a vampire Edie Sedgwick, the photo is just something I'd like to share with you: )
Let my bloodsucker clothing remain a secret until after Halloween: )

I can also proudly say now that I started to really work on my college projects and that's just great - I'm making a concept for second and third collections for my final bachelor collection and so on and so on. Photos are not included because, well, I suck not having a camera, but I am buying one next week perhaps ! So that's a good thing too.

One more thing I kind of feel strange about but still want to share is the fact that ever since I can remember I'm so into gas masks. I just strangely adore them but only those old ones. So my wallpaper now looks like this

So that's that


the new-new-news

Oh, hiya everyone !

How was your day ?
I sure hope it was at least half as nice as mine ! Because it was warm and sunny outside and the lessons were sweet (experimental design, to which I was prepared, surprisingly, and make up basics) and the best-est thing was this : my dad bought me a new laptop ! How cool is that ??!
I say - very cool: ) I'm so happy I could pee my pants if I just wanted to pee !

So my dad's officially the greatest now in addition to other titles he has: )

But just the one sad thing is, he's going away to Afghanistan. I've never told you this, but my dad's a soldier, a sergeant to be accurate, and he goes on these peace missions. This is his third and last mission, as he's is almost too old for army (though he's just 41). I feel a little bit sad not to see him the next six months. Okay okay, I admit - thinking about this now even makes my eyes wet.
So that's about my good "old" dad.

(five minutes after)
Yeah, and I guess this might be it for today
night !


the craze of the crazy

Hi'ya guys !

So there I am, painting my nails black for tomorrow.
What's tomorrow you may ask ? Oh, nothing too special JUST A SHOOT OF MY MOST RECENT MODEL:  )(in a three-sec sketch at the top)
I've finished that model like twenty minutes ago, and started doing it Monday not to mention loads of work I was doing in between. Cuz, yea, like, this week is crazy -est- in my entire fifth semester so far. The amount of work is huge because of my procrastination(recently learned word).
but well, here I am, still typing: ) although I haven't had much sleep last night - I was sewing and then cutting and then drawing and then sewing some more and there I was, at three a.m. thinking "ohhh, let's get some sleep now" BUT THEN, I've realized I still had to study for my advertisement psychology. So I've read the 736 pages of a psychology book (not everything, of course, just the summaries) in about an hour or so and then I've finally got some sleep. For like four hours !

But that's the price you pay for postponing really important works.

So this is kind of a little sneak peek. Pics of the shoot will be some days later
Ciao !


DIY sort of thing

Oh hi everybody !

So last night I was fixing patterns for Elizabeth's baptism dress according to those arrows and not-so-clear-any-more writings of mine on the first sample: )

So I fixed what I needed and then remembered I've made a sleeve that looks like that:
(Isn't it's the smallest and sweetest sleeve you've aver seen ? Awww:  ) )

So, as previously talked with a teacher about the subject, I've decided to make a pattern for a kimono sleeve, because it would be much easier to GET THE BABY INTO THE DRESS. So basically I've just drawn the trapeze form and that's that.

Oh, meanwhile taking photos of all these steps I also captured Mr. Moustache Pencil and Mr. Some Sort of Jack Daniel's Birthday Advertisement that my friend had stolen from a Liquor Store just chilling out there on a sunny Korin bedding beach:

 So, the job was done and I'm really proud of showing you the patterns (At least THE BEST I could do with a 50mm lens, which drives me crazy). Sure, there's still few parts missing for a little hood, because basically what I'm doing here is an underneath dress from double ivory/bubble gum pink chiffon  and an ivory asymmetrical coat with a hood. Oh, and also a "baptism cloth" that will be only a square cloth.

the left sleeve is the first sleeve, not the one I'm doing now which is on the right

Ah, yes, and another DIY thing is my old cellphone screen (well, all cell to be exact) that I've crushed and it painted itself in these nice colors.

 Bye bye now !


I'm al-most o-kay !

Oh hi everyone and everything !

I'm almost okay and I can go to the college already. Well, I would normally stayed home until I'm back to not-ill-self but there's a really important lecture today, so at least I'm going to attend that one.

So to celebrate this joyful event I even put this nice sunny picture of me and my friend Santa (yep, that's her name) which came to visit her family here in Lithuania and on her last day she came to Vilnius and we did some photos. And then, five in the morning she fled back to Netherlands: )

And so I'm flying (taking a bus actually) to college now. BYEEEEE !
xoxo korinbalerin


the big difference day

Hi everyone !

So I am still sick, halftime sleeping everything off, halfway just staring at the laptop so, basically doing NOTHING and pissed at myself for that. But, of course, I try to convince myself "no no nooo, you ain't gonna do things while you're ill young lady " and stuff like that. But today I hope things would change, because I've sworn to myself (I've sworn myself too:  ) ) I'll do at least the tinyest homework stuff I need to do. So, yeah,
still sitting in my bed trying to lift my hand to do something and it's already three o'clock and I didn't do anything. Well, almost anything: I almost got myself in to DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles live show here in Vilnius. I still don't know if I'm going yet.
okay, the remorse hour is over.
Also, one more thing that I've done is that I've changed my header and, uhm, footer (is that thing even called like that?) to brand new pics

But anyway, what I'm really determined to do is to finish up my patterns for the coat I'm making for this stupid India-related contest, that absolutely no one even knows when it's going to take place.
Well, okay, actually, I love coats and I love my soon-to-be coat and I love my teacher that teaches us how to construct properly.

And one more thing I need to do for today is tam tam TAAAAM (I don't know if this note is even correct for such sound) - draw like a billion sketches for my collection. HAHA. (well actually I don't see anything funny in it)

And in the mean time, while I'm still eager to do stuff, I say goodbye to you all

oh, and for the record, I'm not smoking in the picture, it's just a stick or ex-sketch that I had that moment. The only thing I'm smoking maybe is smoking hot. HAHA


Todays inspiration: white sweater

Hi everyone !

Today I'm pretty ill (though not as much as previous days), and the best (ahh, that sweet sarcasm) thing is, today I'm going to meet my little customer, Elizabeth (pretty sure I've said few words about her in here ) to do the fitting. I might put some pics of the dress later on.
So today I woke up and though that it was a nice day to put on my white MEXX sweater that I've purchased in a second hand store yesterday. I mean, it's like in size of L, and it's pretty much two to three sizes bigger than I am, but still it's cozy and really nice. So mainly it inspires my whole outfit - comfy, warm a bit sporty but not too much - just the right thing when you are ill and want to be less miserable.

Uh oh, gotta run now, because my little Elizabeth is waiting