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industrial company inspired collection for BMW  'modern city beast' make-up

Hi internet !

 So there's another week passed, one more has started. I'm still on holidays, staying at my grams house, though tomorrow I'm going back to Vilnius, to check up on my place and meet people and just pick up where I left.

Basically wanted to say nothing important, more just to share my projects of collections from which I've got that damned 7 (still can't get over that).

1. own interpretation of layers 'snakes' skin'

photo project

2. industrial company inspired collection for BMW 'modern city beast'

So, the teacher said that my BMW collection was weaker, too similar to the 'layers', but I like that one so much because of the cleanness and strict lines and minimalistic feeling to it. But, on the other hand, I feel myself that I could develop a stronger conception of 'layers', which is a must in order to make my bachelor collection as good as it could possibly be. 
See, nothing's too fancy here, just an usual problem to solve - shall I make one or the other collection that will define the looks of my fashion design diploma : D


WHAT I'VE BOUGHT + announcement

Hi oh hi everyone !

So in this one as promised I'll show what I've bought most recently (not that you should be interested in it, I guess it's just my narcissistic look at myself) AND this picture thread will be followed by quite important announcement (or a preview of it)
So here we go

First on this list goes this ck watch (the sad truth is - it's fake) that might last about a month or two if I won't take better care of it - I have already dropped it down few times the other day. I'm thinking of saving up to buy a real one though.

Then there are two shirts that I've bought for my boyfriend (pardon the quality of the pictures, I guess I had to shoot them in better light, not in that lame-ass darkness outside the window)

Then I've got the hyper super mega nice ombre-like jumper which is also warm; that's a good thing

And last but not least - I've got this purple bag for my grandmother's birthday and she absolutely loved it! I could even imagine myself with this

And that's pretty it - I didn't shoot the cosmetics because there's nothing really interesting - just an eyeliner, few facial masks and an eyeshadow. Oh, and I've bought two pairs of shoes online that I'm gonna get next week and show it here.

AND there's the announcement:
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the 100th post of my blog !
(Oh, way to waste such important post on shit you've got, dork)

So some time next week I'm planning on making a little giveaway, so stay tuned if you'd like to get something handmade from my ugly fat ass hands : D (it would probably be earrings or a necklace, I haven't decided yet, or maybe both)

Yep, so I had both - the goods I've bought and the announcement covered. Time to get offline and start to prepare my ugly non-face to this party I'm attending (nothing too fancy, just few dj's in a bar - my boyfriend's one of them, so : ) )

bye now,
xoxo, korin


a lot

A little teaser of one of my collections shoot

Hi everyone !!

I haven't written in ages ! And I even didn't miss writing !
But now I can share things with you again, because there's a lot of stuff going.

So first things first - I've finally passed my auditions (exams etc. ) and I can start the last semester at college with a clean slate (sounds kind of spooky) !
As I was horrendously ill for like a lightyear, I had the opportunity to delay some of my auditions, so I chose this option instead of dying of loads of work in one week. So the day of the final audition came (last saturday) and I showed my works to the lecturers and that was it : ) I've got a 9 from sewing and construction technologies that I'm really proud of, because it's my favorite and a 7 from both of my collections. I'm not happy with it and I'm going to confront the teacher when I see her, because she herself said " oh, I like your projects and collections, they're really great, just one of the photoshoots didn't turned out so well. " So why seven if everything was good ? Well, but I'll just leave it there and not question it for a while.

Then, the same Saturday my wonderful friend Kaste threw a party at her place and it was really good ! What I liked the most that the party didn't go out of control and everyone there seemed happy and relaxed. We also went out to some clubs, danced a little bit and came home. I stayed at Kastes house and the following morning (and day) we just chilled, slept some more, made some nice meal, watched some TV, ate gummy bears and then I got back home.

So since then, I did basically nothing, just vacuuming my flat, doing the dishes, washing clothes etc, barely going outside because it's so cold I could eat my own feet as an Ice Cream after I get back from 'that outside place'.

Oh, and one thing that I'm really excited about but don't know how it'll turn out is - I might write articles to this lovely webpage for women. I just accidentally was in the right place at the right time when I've met a woman, who is one of the members of the crew to this webpage and we had a nice chat and then she just suddenly asked me if I wanted to write something. My thought the was 'OM#@%$, OF COURSE I'D LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THAT'  So I just said 'Oh, it would be nice to try'  so I'm meeting her some time this week and I look forward to it.

I guess that's it for this time, I'll come back with another post of 'scraps of my collection' and 'WHAT I'VE BOUGHT' (ahhhh, the sweet narcisism ) later this week (I'm still really lazy to use my camera)

xoxo korin



oh sun come on

Hi everyone !

So apparently I'm watching too much of youtube videos and browse too much instead of working and so there I was, just sitting around and suddenly I though 'Oh, why don't I spend another hour looking for a gif program on the net to make a gif with all my sunglasses instead of WORKING'

and so I did
WISE CHOICE. (slow clap)

Even my wallpaper says

I actually wish I was looking at the desktop more than exploring the depths of youtube
(I guess this is the first time the label 'everyday life' is truly accurate for my usual day).
I even considered to ask my flatmate to disable my computer from the internet access the other day


What should I do to start making things instead of stuff - nice things, like dresses and drawings and boring technical drawings that are essential if I want to get a grade bigger than F-------  (I mean 1)
Any advices you guys ?



Random scraps of my life

Hi guys ! (and gals)

So this is me writing a second post in less than an hour (wow, now that's an improvement !)
So today was the last day in college before the final auditions and I was there 9am to 5pm and that was just exhausting, not to mention I had to go up the stairs to the 4th floor with my mutated lungs quite a few times. But that wasn't the most exhausting thing - I had actually talk to people, think about things and plan my life ahead as always in the college. It was quite fun though because I've seen my alter-ego, Kaste, which I hadn't seen for AGES. I also had to show my work that I DID(n't do) to the teachers and I was literally shaking while taking a bus to school in the morning (BAAAAH)

But apparently everything went kind of normally, not to mention that I was almost allowed to delay some of my auditions because I was ill for a thousand year (I probably should write on my hand a reminder that I also have to get the head of the fashion department approval to delay the auditions).

Oh, and Friday I've got a nice haircut so my hair is normal again and do you like my scull blouse ? Because I do, very much. The only thing I PROBABLY don't like is to use my 'new' camera to make good quality pictures. It's a funny story though, that one related to how I actually got the camera - my friend Santa (not THAT Santa) came to make me a surprise for Xmas all the way from Netherlands and then she was told that I was in the hospital. So on Christmas day she went to this huge party and then, drunk, OBVIOUSLY :  )gave the camera up to someone. The camera somehow turned out to be at one of our friends place at the end and Santa just said, oh you should take it, and just use it before I come to Lithuania again : ) So now I have a Canon d500 camera without a charger and I'm looking to buy one soon.

Oh, also (not related) few days ago I somehow managed to create a vyou account while looking video answers to questions so if you by any chance wanted to ask me something or just to hear my 'lovely' crushed-to-pieces-robot-voice feel free to ask (you can even do that anonymously) here
(just don't be freaked out of the profile video - I'm not actually sitting in front of my laptop all day long)

Bye now, I'll try to stop procrastinate and do more work

Listen what she has to say !

Hi everyone !

So apparently it's this time of the month/year/forever to make a feature and this time it's on the lovely blogger Alexandra from theshoependant : )

Name: Alexandra Lazar
Age: 19
Location: Romania
Blog: http://theshoependant.com
Occupation: aspiring PR-ist and fashion blogger
Love: Myself
Hate: Myself

Hi, Alexandra , tell a bit about yourself
Well, first of all, I should start by saying „Hello!“ to everyone that‘s reading and I hope
you had a great start this year. About me, there‘s a lot to say, but I guess I might as well high
light the most important ones. I‘m an Aquarius that‘s in love with fashion and all of its means
of expression. I am preparing to go to college which will hopefully be in England to study
Journalism and PR. Besides that, I dream of creating my own line of handmade jewelry :)

How did you came up with the idea to do what you do ? Since when are you doing this ?
My passion for art dates back when I was a child: a stubborn, overly-talkative one who
adored painting, dancing and eventually catwalk shows. Nevertheless, those days are now
back in the past, but my passion hasn‘t lost any of its original heat. I still adore fashion and
want to pursue a career in it, both in creation and in brand promotion. The blog just came

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times ?
My biggest inspiration is, as egoist as it might sound, my own ambition. Besides that, my
usual online surfing is the key inspiration.

What are you working on right now ? (if it‘s not a secret) Tell a bit about it
Right now I am working on setting my blog on the right path. I‘ve had some personal issues
in the past and wasn‘t able to handle it how it would have deserved, so I‘m simply putting all
of my efforts into growing it. I am keeping clear of any collaborations or distractions until I
create its rightful image.

What‘s going to be your next project ?
Blog related? I am thinking of maybe starting with some videos. I adore editing and I
believe it would spruce up the whole idea of fashion, adding movement to it!

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do what you are doing right now and
make a living out of it or what ?

One never knows what the future brings. As much as I adore writing on the blog, updating it,
creating relationships, I cannot see myself doing it full-time. I want to specialize myself, like I
said before, in PR, therefore entering a rather grown-up world.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you would say and wish something to the

What I would like to add is something I‘ve learned recently. You might touch your dreams over
night, but you might never. Unless you work for it, one step at a time, until you can embrace the true
taste of success.
I’ve learned this through my own experience. Taking baby steps is the best way of reaching your goals, even if it can become exhausting sometimes.

I thank Alexandra for such nice answers and I'm definitely putting the last answer or hers into consideration.
And you all! If you'd like to be featured on my modest blog, please feel free to let me know down in the comments or email me !

And now off I go to write a new post, this time about myself (muhahahaha)


the sad not-posting-reason

Oh hi internet !

It's been a long while since I last typed an *effing* word to this blog. And in that time even the New Year happened so I wish you a good, productive year full of love and smiles and hope and laughter and positivity !

And now a bit about me - the main reason I wasn't posting is because I was really really ill since about 12th of December - I had real flu, with cramps and high temperature and aches and THEN (if that wasn't enough) pneumonia started as a complication from the flu. So, on the Xmas Eve my grams had to call the ambulance and the doctors said I had to get to the hospital that same moment if I wanted to live to see past Christmas. And so I was in the hospital for a week (24th - 31st) horribly coughing and still with the temperature ant that was just awful. On my third day in hospital as  a result of pneumonia I started to choke really badly and the doctors even put those "wires" with air in my nose. So that wasn't pleasant, but, hey, at least I didn't die !
And the doctors said I had really exhausted my body so they've put needles in me and poured some minerals from the drip (I don't know if it's a good word for that).

But now I'm okay (almost) I just still have to drink bunch of medicine that smells of old people and I can't go outside for a long time because of the risks of getting ill again and of course, because I don't have much energy from lying down half a month.

So that's that, oh, and I've celebrated New Year with my boyfriend, Dominic, who came to visit me from the other end of the country. We stayed at home, watched the fireworks through the window and then went to sleep but still I am very pleased with the stay-at-home-celebration :  )

How was your celebration ?

Bye bye now
xoxo korin

P.S. I am listening to Bomb the Bass - Back to Light (2010) cd and I really like it - it's a bit sad, nostalgic and calm. I suggest you listen if you like electronic music ;  )