scatterd thoughts

Hi guys !

As you might notice there has been quite a change in this blog - I kind of remodeled it today and it might seem..empty. And here's my explanation:

I'm not feeling quite myself lately with all the final year stuff going on and as I call it 'quarter life crisis' .
So I'm trying to clear it all off and starting to clear everything surrounding me - I've got rid of some clothing and accessories, I'm trying to give up sweets and junk food I'm absorbing, I deleted most of my pictures on that social network (you know which one) and just trying to clear off in general.

Thus I'm still making a lot of stuff like making videos on YouTube oh, and I managed to create a Tumblr account on which I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure out HTML programing if it is even called that. So I kind of forgot this blog, but still I'll be blogging when I feel like it and have Tumblr as more of a moodboard.

So yeah, even if I'm trying to clear everything out, I'm nearly failing at it and I guess this desperately scaterred post proves it (why did I even write that ?)
And half of my head hurts - forehead and jaws are aching so badly I want to cry.

byeee, xo xo